preview: climbing anxious spires

From the project climbing anxious spires, a collection of scenes and environmental portraits about awe, confusion, wonder and isolation.

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An image from the series "climbing anxious spires"

new work and shop

I have been working on some new projects that I am excited about and will hopefully post work from soon. The series climbing anxious spires is in the same vein as chaos/disparity, neverending and from the hip—very rooted in scenes from cities around the world that I have spent time in…spent time trying to figure […]

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Male Pachydiplax longipennis attempting to usurp perch of male Celithemis eponina

background: interest in dragonflies

Something I haven’t really mentioned a lot on this site is my fascination with insects. I have a series posted called insect life but that barely touches on the impact a certain order of insects have had on my life over the past decade. I literally stumbled into my observational studies of insects one summer […]

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woman hollering creek

I decided to go to San Antonio today to get away from my normal routine and see some new sights, get out of my head. The drive is four hours or so but I stopped in Waco to get coffee and do some writing for a while. After the stop I put on some albums […]

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