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preview: climbing anxious spires

From the project climbing anxious spires, a collection of scenes and environmental portraits about awe, confusion, wonder and isolation.

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new work and shop

I have been working on some new projects that I am excited about and will hopefully post work from soon.

An image from the series "climbing anxious spires"

An image from the series “climbing anxious spires”

The series climbing anxious spires is in the same vein as chaos/disparity, neverending and from the hip—very rooted in scenes from cities around the world that I have spent time in…spent time trying to figure out my life, to come to an understanding of what I’m doing here, what places fit well for me. There’s a sense of awe, wonder and confusion that often dominate my mental state when I’m not immersed in the natural world.

Another series, adjacent to the landfill, takes work (mostly naturescapes) from a place I typically go to in order to seek respite from daily life and also to search for dragonflies. Some of it is similar to work from autumn and winter but pulled back a bit, generally shot with a moderate-wide focal length.

The other most recent series is disrepair anonymous, which takes scenes from houses where I was doing construction work at earlier this year. I guess this is actually similar to living spaces in a way, observing more intimate spaces and the way people live, but these are much more restricted geographically (primarily North Texas) and…much more run-down.

Another exciting recent step is the addition of a shop to this website. Now it is possible, if you happen to like some images and want to help support my work, to purchase prints directly from me online. I will constantly be adding more work in the shop but if there is something you want that you see on the site or my work you have seen elsewhere, feel free to message me.

So…thanks for your support, happy holidays. I will post more background when I post the new work. I also have a number of other projects that I have been working on for a while and anticipate posting a windfall soon. Lots of other things have happened recently, some that have altered my life and health quite dramatically; maybe I will post another blog soon.

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