chaos/disparity - outside the market

chaos/disparity: outside the market


All forms of transportation converged outside the weekend market. The skytrain's track above us, buses, taxis and tuk-tuks on ground-level. Vendors peddled thru the streets and as an outsider I experienced a massive over-stimulation of color, sound and scent.

I don't really get into touristy things but some new friends had invited me to this market with them and I am glad I went. There was plenty of comic relief and surreal interaction to offset some of the sad scenes of cultural minorities on display unenthusiastically over-playing their traditional songs for gawking tourists.

This is the unfortunate reality of the confluence of culture (particularly “exotic” groups) and tourism. Displaying your heritage according to traditional standards–as a job–is inauthentic and doesn't allow for natural growth. I didn't take photos of these scenes due to my own disgust and sadness.



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