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From the project climbing anxious spires, a collection of scenes and environmental portraits about awe, confusion, wonder and isolation.

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My work has been displayed in iTea Lounge, a boba tea/smoothie shop, for a few weeks now and it has been nice to see the response from people. I hang out there a lot so I often watch people browse the store and step in to look at the different photographs of mine and paintings my friends have done. The store has become a second home for me and I usually spend at least a few hours each day there.

The other day the owner, Hyden, told me a customer had been looking around and had complimented my work, telling Hyden that my photos “captured the spirit of the seasons.” When Hyden relayed the comment to me I was floored. Usual compliments from people are things like, “wow, you must have such a nice camera!” or “that’s really nice, I wish I could just quit my job to travel and take pictures.” Those are cool compliments or whatever…but this compliment showed that a person has actually gotten and appreciated the work.

The art show at iTea Lounge is in a few days, so I’ll post a review and some pics of our set up once it’s done! See you later.

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