news…and a big sale!

preview: climbing anxious spires

From the project climbing anxious spires, a collection of scenes and environmental portraits about awe, confusion, wonder and isolation.

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news…and a big sale!

I haven’t written in quite some time I realize…I was out of the country in South America for a while and the rest of the time I don’t really have an excuse, just still staving off some depression.

One of my images from neverending, a series I did in China, was recently chosen to be a featured image on the VSCO Grid, which is a nice honor, as there is some other really nice work on there.

I have decided it’s time for me to move again and in a few months I’ll be headed to Taiwan to study and work on some other projects, get my head in totally a new space. Some of the projects are photo series like you have seen before on here and there is also a book I am working on called sad republic; it’s a combination of images and poems collected over the years.

In celebration (and preparation…) of moving to Taiwan, I’m liquidating all the inventory of prints and exhibition pieces I have at a very discounted rate. I’ll post more details soon, but for now, if there’s any image on this site that you want, in any size, just message me and I’ll get you a quote. I have tons of matted prints that are going to go for really cheap. I’ll also post some miscellaneous photos that aren’t a part of any series.

Hope all is well with everyone…I’ll write more soon.

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